Summer Quads

August 27th

As if they knew the others would play, five experts showed up to play in our Saturday quads. Guy Colas, David Childs and Rory Dougall also entered looking to grab some expert points. In the first quad, NM Ian Harris was the top seed but was joined by NM Daniel Lowinger (who had defeated him just the night before) and always dangerous experts Mikhail Koganov and Nicholas Checa. Harris escaped round 1 against Checa unscathed while Lowinger and Koganov drew. Harris and Lowinger traded results against their respective opponents in the second round, setting up a rematch crucial to determining the winner of the section. Following the same opening as the night before, Harris played a deadly improvement and Lowinger was unable to escape the complications alive, giving Harris the win.

The second section was a six player swiss and it was hotly contested. Looking at the original lineups with three experts at the top and no one within 300 points of them one would surely thinkthat one of them would be the eventual winner. In fact, it was Guy Colas who stormed the field, winning his first game against expert Alex Eydelman, winning again against David Childs and finally drawing with another expert Hanon Russell (in a game in which he had good winning chances). Colas finished with 2.5/3 and more importantly with nearly 100 new rating points!