Saturday G/45 Quads


The top quad of today’s tournament was again very strong. FM Leif Pressman was the rating favorite. This time there were to be no upsets and he won with a perfect score. Our second was an all expert section with all of the players within 75 points of each other. Despite the close ratings, Sophie Morris-Suzuki was able to win all of her games and win the section by a full 1.5 point margin!

Andrew Dexter was the early leader with a perfect 2/2 in the third quad. However, a loss in the final round to Hanon Russell meant that the two would share first place. Brent McCreesh dominated our fourth quad with a perfect 3/3 score that got him within striking distance of his goal to make it to 1800. Quad five saw much fighting chess. In the end it was William Ewald to emerged victorious with 2.5/3, just half a point ahead of Rohan Krishna.

It was a good day for the Morris-Suzuki siblings as Sophie’s younger brother also won his section with a perfect score. Finally, quad seven saw the only other split section. This time it was Harikumar Palaniappan and Jasmine Su that shared top honors.