Summer Quads

August 4th

With one swiss section and one match between masters NelsonCastaneda and Daniel Lowinger, there was no shortage of excitement at this week’sSummer Quads. Michael Ainsworth was thefavorite in the swiss and after overcoming a challenging first round gameagainst Melvin Patrick, he managed to win the rest of his games as well. However, some of the spotlight was stolen bythe youngest participant, Henry Stratakis-Allen who defeated one of the topseeds Druha Karunakaran in a very exciting tactical battle. In the end, Leo Bykhovsky and Aman Karunakaran finished a point behind Ainsworth in a tie for second.

Meanwhile, in the match, Lowinger managed to in the first game after a timescramble blunder by Castaneda. Bothplayers fought for more in the next two games, but ultimately both were drawngiving Lowinger the overall win!

Congratulations to the winners! Don’t miss the exciting action next week asanyone rated between 1600 – 1799 will receive a 50% discount on the entry fee!