Friday Night Blitz




Twenty players participated in our most recent blitz tournament. National Masters Ian Harris, Zachary Tanenbaum, Mikhail Koganov and Eric Zhang entered as the four favorites. However, the upsets began as early as round two when experts Slawomir Naumowicz and Gabriel Andreescu defeated Harris and Tanenbaum respectively. Only NM Mikhail Koganov was able to continue unbeaten through round 4. Despite a loss in round 5 to the resurging Tanenbaum, Koganov rebounded with two wins in the final rounds to take clear first place and $50 with an impressive 6/7 score!



Meanwhile, the battle for the U1900 and U1600 prizes raged on. Brent McCreesh found himself in prime position going in to the final round to win the U1900. In an epic last second finish, McCreesh ran out of time, but an illegal final move by his opponent (Eugene Ulyanov) allowed McCreesh to win the game. His final score of 4.5/7 earned him the U1900 prize and $50.



Going into the final round, CCFC Owner Melvin Patrick was a full point ahead of his closest competitors for the U1600 prize and needed a draw to clinch the prize for himself. However, Slawomir Naumowiczwould once again play the spoiler as he defeated Patrick, allowing Leo Koganov to tie him with 4/7. Each earned $25 for their efforts.



Thank you to everyone that participated in what was one of our most exciting and hotly contested blitz tournaments to date!