Saturday G/45 Quads


Today's Saturday G/45 Quads tournament featured six highly competitive quads and a lower swiss section. Starting with Quad 1, there was a tie for first between NY Player Alexander Kupersmith and CCFC Member Megan Paragua! Both players came in first with a score of 2/3 points! In Quad 2, CCFC Member Jasmine Su won her section with a score of 2.5/3 points! Her only draw was in round 1 against CCFC Member Yusuf Mansurov.

In Quad 3, there was another two-way tie for first between CCFC Members Alexander Tian and Vedanta Bhargava! They ended the tournament with a score of 2.5/3 points, only drawing each other in round 1. In Quad 4, CCFC Member Wyatt Wong won narrowly with a score of 2/3 points! This is also Wong's first time winning a quad without tieing for first, well done!

In Quad 5, NY Player Louis Barry strongly won his section with a perfect score of 3/3 points! This is Barry's first tournament at CCFC, congratulations on the victory and welcome to our Chess Club! In the lower Swiss section, CCFC Member Corin Gartenlaub came on top with a score of 2.5/3 points! His only draw was against CCFC Member Dominic Paragua in round 2 of the tournament. This is Gartenlaub's first ever Quad victory at CCFC, congratulations! CCFC Member Audrey Zhou came in second place in the swiss section, with a score of 2/3 points, well done! Finally, in Quad 7, there was a three-way tie for first! CCFC Member Kushagra Bhargava, and NY Players Lev Shangin and Umar Mansurov all ended the tournament with a score of 2/3 points!

Thank you to all of today’s participants, welcome to our newcomers, and congratulations to the winners!