Saturday G/45 Quads


Today’s G/45 quads featured five very exciting sections, with something for everyone. Joseph Bihlmeyer and Hanon Russell both finished with 2.5/3 in the top quad after a last round draw. Marcello Berger had a fantastic tournament. He was ranked 4th in the section but that did not stop him from scoring 2.5/3 to take clear first! Sean McGuinness continues his solid run of tournaments, this time winning all three games in quad three. Vincent Xu, just returned from a summer abroad and no tournaments since early June, won quad four with a perfect score and two points ahead of the field. His result was good enough to give him over 100 fresh rating points! Finally, quad five was won by Ramesh Abhiraman who won his section on back to back nights and has now scored 9 wins in a row in the last three tournaments he has played!