Summer Quads


This Saturday’s two sections were both extremely hard fought. The quad was filled with four very evenly matched players. It was anyone and everyone’s tournament to win. As it turned out, three of the four (David Childs, Zachary Filler and Victor Urvantsev) tied for first with two points each! Atop the field in the swiss section was NM Ian Harris. Harris was joined by experts Nicolas Checa and Jasmine Chen. Hubert Herring, Melvin Patrick and Noah Arthurs rounded out the field. Although he entered the tournament as the rating favorite, Harris did not have an easy time. Checa nearly defeated him but went wrong in a winning endgame when the clock became a serious factor. In the final round, Chen put up stubborn resistance against Harris’ attack and then finally when Harris got too fancy she turned the tables and won! Meanwhile, Patrick also had a good tournament, winning two games and coming within three points of surpassing 1800 for the first time. Will it finally happen? Join us next week to find out!