Saturday G/45 Quads


Today’s tournament had 5 highly competitve quads. In Quad 1, FM Max Lu is the winner for the second week in a row. He wins with a total of 3/3 points!

In Quad 2, CCFC member Jack Klein wins with a total of 3/3 points! In Quad 3, Jasmine Su wins her first and last game, drawing her second game against CCFC member Luis-Joshua Casenas. Jasmine wins with a total 2.5/3 points.

In Quad 4, Jerry Jin wins his second tournament after returning to CCFC, with a perfect 3/3 points! Finally, in Quad 5, CCFC member Henry Buczkiewicz takes the prize, with another perfect 3/3 points! Nice to see that several members are improving their game!

Thank you to all of today’s participants and congratulations to the winners!