Goodbye Summer Scholastic


The players warm up by challenging Mr. Patrick!

This past Labor Day brought many tough competitors to the chess club to compete in our once a year Goodbye Summer tournament. The unique features that set this tournament apart were the scheduled rounds, pizza lunch and a visit from an ice cream truck at the end of the day. The winner of the K-2 section was Avery Hood who finished with a perfect 4-0 score! Cooper Consiglio and Nily Genger also put in impressive results, tying for second place with 3-1.

The games are under way!

In the K-5 section it was Gavriel Genger who finished with a perfect score after four rounds! Again there were two players tied for second place, CCFC regulars Filip Graham and Samuel Forfang. In one of our strongest K-8 sections to date, Matthew Hochberg was the surprise winner with yet another perfect score! Hochberg’s wins catapulted him up nearly 200 points to an all-time high peak rating of 1333! Dylan Young and Gregory Arrigo tied for second place. Both players’ only loss came at the hands of Hochberg.

The deserving winners!

Ice cream to top it all off!