K-8 Scholastic Championships


This month’s K-8 Scholastic Championships was very exciting with many hard fought games.  The K-8 section was won (for a second time in a row) by Sakura Laporte with 4/4 points.  Dream Teamer Anibal Loureda returned after a summer off to have a solid 2nd place finish.  CCFC regulars Louis Savarese and Nicholas Kurbanov tied for first in the K-5 section.  After drawing their round two encounter, both players won their final two games to cap an impressive finish.  Finally, in an impressive feat, Sarvesh Neelavalli won the K-2 section with a perfect 4/4 score.  This was Sarvesh’s very first tournament!  Congratulations to all of our winners and also to Peter Gale who also completed his first tournament as well!  As always, all of our players deserve special recognition for their exemplary behavior throughout the tournament, always showing tremendous grace in both victory and defeat.  We hope to see you at our next K-8 on October 11th.