Sunday U2200 Online Swiss


This week's online Swiss was a tie between CCFC members Stanley Guttman "cyberstan1952" and Jack Klein "Zues9393"! In round 1, Stanley gained a bishop advantage agains Jack Klein "Zues9393", and won their bishop-pawn endgame. Also in round 1, Rocky Yang "Rocky123y" won his game against NM Ryan Young "Ryan_Young"! In round 2, Stanley lost against Ryan, and Jack played the Sicilian Dragon and won a rook vs rook endgame against Rocky! In the final round, Stanley faced off agaist Rocky in a French Defense. A skewer tactic at move 17 allowed Stanley to find victory in the endgame! Jack changed his Sicilian Dragon to a Sicilian Sveshnikov against Ryan. When Ryan played 16...Qg6, Jack spotted a combination that won him a rook. Jack later mated Ryan on move 37!

Thank you to everyone that came out to play and congratulations to the winners!

Final Game: Jack vs. Ryan

Final Game: Rocky vs. Stanley