Goodbye Summer Scholastic


What a tournament! With twenty-five players in three sections, our first Goodbye Summer Scholastic Tournament was a big success. The three sections were each ultra-competitive. The 6-8th grade section’s top seeds were Victor Urvantsev and Andrew Rogozinski, both rated exactly 1413. In their inevitable final round match, Urvantsev triumphed and took sole first place. Another very promising result in this section was put in by 3rd grader (!) Brandon Wang who finished in second place with 3 points.

The 3 – 5 section was led by Dylan Young from start to finish. After winning his first three games, Young accepted a draw in the final round to clinch the overall victory and enough rating points to push him over 1200! Nick Boer also put in a good showing, losing only to Young in round 2, but recovering to finish in 2nd place.

The K-2 section was about as exciting as a tournament can get! After the top seed lost in the first round to Aalok Bhattacharya, it looked as though Bhattacharya would be unstoppable and run through the field. However, at the last moment of the final round, Bhattacharya’s run was ended when he was back rank checkmated by the youngest participant of all, Kevin Gu! This created a massive three way tie for first between Bhattacharya, Benjamin Wu and Suhaan Akula. Bhattacharya took the first place trophy on tiebreaks!

Pizza, ice cream and cake (in celebration of Victors Urvantsev’s birthday) capped off a day full of fun. Be sure to join us for our next scholastic tournament, our K-5 Scholastic Championships on Sunday, September 16th!