Goodbye Summer Labor Day Scholastic Tournament


This year's Goodbye Summer Scholastic Tournament was composed of many ages and ratings. All participants, kindergarten through 12th grade, enjoyed playing four games and celebrating with pizza and ice cream. All players demonstrated notable sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

There were four players in the K-2 section, with Hayden Hughes claiming first place with a perfect score of 4/4 points! In second and third place, Benjamin Hong and William Chen each scored 2/4 points.

The K-5 section hosted 13 players, with Jason Chen earning first place with a total of 4/4 points! Cary Wang, Ian Moffitt, Jack McAuley and Henry Buczkiewicz placed second, third, fourth and fifth respectively with 3/4 total points each.

The K-12 section was composed of 13 players, with Julian Wang claiming first place with 4/4 points! Nathaniel Moor, Brent Mcreesh and Beatrice Low ranked second, third, and fourth respectively with a total of 3/4 points each.

The day concluded with a visit from an ice cream truck.