Goodbye Summer Scholastic


This year's Goodbye Summer Scholastic tournament hosted a variety of ages and ratings. All participants, kindergarten through 8th grade, had fun as they played four G/45 games and celebrated with pizza and ice cream! Players demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship and all had fun in their last tournament in the summer of 2016.

CCFC instructor National Master Arslan Otchiyev was on hand to provide lessons between rounds.

There were 8 players in the K-2 section, with Quinlan Hood in first place with 4/4 total points! In second and third place, Jacob Barrett and Nathan Tadiashvili each earned 3/4 total points. And finally, Jasmine Thiessen and Peter Krastev Gale got fourth and fifth place respectively with 2/4 total points each.

The K-5 section, the largest section, hosted 16 players! In first place, Lia Lavin earned 4/4 total points! Seraphina Mlynar, Miles Gillott, and Gabriel Herne earned second, third, and fourth place respectively with 3/4 total points each. And with 2.5/4 total points, Jacob Green earned the fifth place position.

The K-8 section had a total of 12 players, with Aurelius Mlynar in first place and a perfect score of 4/4 total points! Nicholas Kurbanov, Elliot Greenbaum, and Christopher May followed in second, third, and fourth place respectively with 3/4 total points. And finally Natheniel Moor took home fifth place with 2/4 total points.

A visit by an ice cream truck capped off what was a fun and fulfilling day for all! The smiles on the kids' faces as they enjoyed their treats said it all.