Summer Quads

September 8th

With three evenly matched quads, including a tough master quad, our weekend tournament was set for drama. In quad three, David Childs appeared to be the favorite, however he lost in the very first round to Daniel Rosenthal who returned from the previous night. Celebrating his birthday, Al Pinto also was busy making a run for first place, but was stopped by Childs who was making a comeback of his own. After the dust cleared, nobody was able to pull ahead and instead there was a three way tie for first!

In the second section, three strong 1700s were joined by young expert Michael Ainsworth. Although they were all out for blood, none was able to upset him and Ainsworth cleaned up with a perfect 3 points!

The master quad was quite tumultuous. Things started off well for the top seeded Ian Harris with a win over Oliver Chernin. Kapil Chandran defeated number two seed Daniel Lowinger. Chandran and Harris faced off in round three and it quickly became apparent that Chandran is in great form as he won again! There was no stopping him as he went on to win round three and finish with a perfect 3 points and over 30 new rating points! Keep an eye on him, as it will undoubtedly not be long before this talented youngster tops 2300.