Saturday G/45 Quads


There was much exciting action and hard fought games at today’s quads. FM Leif Pressman and NM Oliver Chernin drew in the last round to finish undefeated and tied for first place in the strong top quad. The second quad saw four 1900 players compete against each other with very little separating them. Dietrich Moor and Laurence Price each suffered a loss but were able to recover to share first place with 2/3 each.

Quad three saw yet another tie for first. This time it was Gary Leschinsky and Katherine Hatcher who finished with 2/3 each. Nielsen Gordon (2.5/3) and Daryl Lavin (3/3) won quads four and five respectively. They were the only two players to win their sections outright.

Harikumar Palaniappan and Lia Lavin scored 2/3 each, which was enough for victory in quad six. The final section was a six player swiss. Sean Ma, Connor Wang and William Jones III traded points with each other on their way to a three way tie for first.

Congratulations to all of our deserving winners!