Saturday G/45 Quads


As always our weekend quads saw some exciting games and competitive sections for players of all levels. Experts Ethan Gu and Michael Amori were underdogs in the top quad against two strong FMs, but each managed to get a point off of them. Never-the-less it was FM Leif Pressman who triumphed with 2.5/3, a half point ahead of Gu. Expert Andrew Dexter had a solid showing in quad two, winning the section by a full 2 point margin!

The next section had three players rated within 15 points of each other! Despite this, it was Luis-Jaime Casenas who ran away with the section, scoring the first perfect score of the day. All four players in quad four were rated within 70 points of each other making this section a toss-up. Ultimately it was the lowest rated, William Ewald, who managed to slip ahead with 2.5/3 and win by just a half point margin.

Todd Kearns continued his tournament comeback with a clear point victory over the field in quad five. Quad six saw no surprises as the favorite Rohan Krishna duly won all of his games. Jasmine Su won the sixth and final section of the day also with a perfect 3/3 score!