September 13th, 2012- Connecticut leads the East!

By NM Daniel Lowinger:

First things first: congratulations to the Carolina Cobras on their well-earned upset draw! As Team Manager Ian Harris said in his USCL interview with FM Mike Klein, we appreciate the strength of all the teams in this league and are taking nothing for granted. Though we aspire to the championship, a championship team is not made overnight. It will take time for us to discover our identity, play up our strengths and overcome our weaknesse s.We know that championship aspirants are tested and we welcome the challenges the USCL will bring us.

Watching the games on the monitor

Food for the players

After using our first week to test the display equipment and ensure that things ran smoothly, we issued a soft opening invitation to our membership to join us for week 2. A small handful of folks joined us in the analysis lounge to cheer on our team. With sandwiches and soda, a warm feeling of camaraderie pervaded the room. NM Daniel Lowinger, also a Dreadnoughts team member, was on hand for live commentary for the guests.

We were so proud of Team Manager Ian Harris’ debut performance for the Dreadnoughts. His play was immaculate from start to finish;White went wrong in the theoretical phase of the opening first, and Black never turned back, capping it off with a beautiful and totally correct king hunt (see the game below). Robert Hess played old-school with the classical QGD, adding a small modern wrinkle (the knight’s development to a6); IM Schroer was soon suitably confused and the game felt like a vintage Capablanca victory.

The round under way

As to our defeats, our opponents deserve all the credit. The bold Kassa Korley, no stranger to defeating GMs, found himself in a difficult position out of the opening but turned the tables with daring play, walking his king as far as e5 (!) to generate a mating attack down the h-file. On board four NM Swaminathan dismantled White’s Grunfeld set-up and White was never really in thegame. If that was preparation, it served as a warning that won’t go unheeded to us and we will step up to meet that challenge.

Week 2 Standings