Mini-Me Parent/Child Team Tournament



Nine teams participated in this year's Mini-Me tournament. After a nearly flawless run, father/son duo David and Max Lu ("Dumb & Dumber") were this year's champions with a match score of 4.5/5.

Second place went to "The King Slayers" (Heiko & Thomas Schiwek) with 3.5/5.


"Peanut Butter" (Craig & Ian Moffitt), "The Moon-Rosha Family" (Uzi & Uri Moon-Rosha) and "DAN" (Edward & Andre Babajanyan) tied for third place with 3/5 each.

Thank you to all of our participants. Each of the winning teams listed above chose a worthy cause to donate their winnings to. Due to their generosity, a total of $280 worth of donations were made to the Fistual Foundation, UNICEF, the ACLU, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and CCFC.

Final Standings

1. Dumb and Dumber (LU) 4.5/5
2. The King Slayers (SCHIWEK) 3.5/5
3. Peanut Butter (MOFFITT) 3/5
4. The Moon-Rosha Family (ROSHA) 3/5
6. Da Wae (LIU) 2.5/5
7. White Eagles (ZALEWSKI) 2.0/5
8. Cavaliers (DeSTEFANO) 2.0/5
9. Red Sox (LEVIN) 1.5/5