Parent/Child Team Tournament

This year's Mini-Me tournament attracted 13 pairs of parents with their children to compete for the right to donate a portion of the proceeds to the charity of their choosing. Among the players were near complete beginners, first time tournament players, to experts and a couple of strong masters. The competition was competitive, but friendly. As always much to the amusement of all the players and spectators, each pair selected a team name, and as always they were ever creative ranging from "The Ponies" to "Chess Dogs" to "Tic-Tac Tactics". Watching the tournament was also a treat as all you needed to do in order tell which players were partners was to observe the posture of the players:

Past winners, Rich and Zachary Tanenbaum "Tough Tenacious Tanenbaums" entered as the likely favorites and did not disappoint. After three rounds they had managed to build up an almost unassailable lead with a perfect 6/6 points! Split 1-1 matches in the final two rounds was not enough of a speed bump to allow any other teams to catch them as they claimed their fourth Mini-Me title! They had previously won in 2012 (the first edition), 2015 and 2016.

Four teams tied for second place with 6/10. Each team was able to choose a charity to donate their percentage of the winnings to. A total of $370 was donated to several different charities including the American Cancer Society, UNICEF, and the World Wildlife Fund. The tied teams included:

"Tic-Tacs Tactics" (Craig & Ian Moffitt), "Checkmaters" (Greg & Mark Braylovskiy), "The Kingslayers" (Heiko & Thomas Schiwek), and "Moor Family" (Dietrich & Andrew Moor).

Congratulations to all of the winning teams and thank you to everyone that participated in what was yet another fun and memorable Mini-Me tournament!