Math Tutoring Services

Instruction and guidance is now being offered by CCFC Instructor and USCF Expert Andrew Dexter to students of all ages in the following areas:

Standardized Tests: PSAT, SAT Verbal and Quantitative, SAT Math I and II, ACT all sections, GRE, AP Calculus all levels.

Coursework: Mathematics and statistics including college-level material. Students will form connections between mathematical ideas and will be provided with alternative paths to tackle new concepts. Importantly, material is presented in such a way that the individual student will never forget the new and realize previously unrecognized beauty in the old. Dexter has a strong familiarity with the High School curriculum and is often called in before tests. Many of his students have attained perfect scores and shown substantial improvement.

Biography: Born in the UK and attending Harvard after moving to US in early 1980’s, Dexter holds an AB in Economics and a MSc in Mathematics with distinction from the Open University. He led a 30-year career as a trader on “Wall Street”, but in recent years he has enjoyed running a tutoring business. He is married with two teenage daughters.

Private Tutoring Fees: $100/hour

For questions or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (203) 505-6215 or




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